Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh on “Law & Order: SVU”

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A little more than a month ago, we brought you the news that NBA All-Stars Carmelo Anthony(notes) and Chris Bosh(notes) would appear on an early season episode of the NBC mainstay "Law & Order: SVU." On Wednesday night, that episode aired, and it was quite the doozy.

The plot is as follows: A former high school basketball player and current junkie accuses a hugely successful coach (Dan Lauria of "The Wonder Years") of sexually abusing many of his players. An investigation follows, led by the usual "SVU" team, plus a new detective in place of the recently deposed Christopher Meloni. A bunch of really bizarre stuff happens, at which point it becomes clear that the coach also abused Prince Miller (Mehcad Brooks, aka Eggs from "True Blood"), an NBA star seemingly modeled after LeBron James(notes), when he was a young boy. Miller eventually comes forward when he realizes that the coach is still abusing players and must be put away for good.

Melo and Bosh appear in only two scenes, and they couldn't be more different. In the first, they introduce Lauria at his Hall of Fame induction and praise his contributions to his players and the community. In the second (which you can watch here), they stand with Miller as he gives a tearful press conference about the horrors of sexual abuse. Bosh even puts his hand on his friend's shoulder as a show of support.

I have no idea what changed for Anthony and Bosh -- perhaps their personal journey will be an extra on the DVD. What I do know, though, is that Bosh seems to be a more natural actor than Anthony. Mock his reluctance to mix it up in the paint all you want, but don't ever say that he's uncomfortable in front of the camera.

(NBC video via EOB and PBT)

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